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Why Work With Us?

Who we are

Y YesIT are a group of experienced IT professionals providing day-to-day support and strategic IT planning services to businesses.

Our three pillars are expertise, experience and professionalism. These ensure we are efficient in resolving issues and managing your systems. We value honesty, integrity and superior customer service.

Customized Services

O As your business operates different to other businesses, your IT requirements will also differ. We therefore provide the services you require and can be very flexible to your businesses needs.

Business Hours

U Generally work is performed between the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri. Work performed within these times will be charged at the standard rate as per the charging schedule. In addition Saturday and Sunday work may be at standard rates PROVIDED it is planned project work that is scheduled in advance. If a callout to your premises is made outside of 8:30am-5:30pm Mon–Fri (ie emergency situation) then emergency rates of time + .5 are chargeable with no minimum time.

Our Work Team

Duncan Thomson

QUT Graduate, has worked for the Qld TAB, BHP and brings 20+ years experience

Matthew Day

Graduated with a Diploma of IT (Networking) from BNIT in 2010 & a Bachelor of IT (Networking) 2013 from QUT GP. Has 12+ years experience along with 6 years web development + 3 desktop development experience.

Nick Watson

Aquired Certificate III in IT in 2009 and Diploma of Web Development from Evocca in 2015. Worked for Telstra and Bank of Queensland in IT and customer facing roles before joining YesIT in 2016. Has been integral to the NBN rollout with Telstra.